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UPP Auction

Utah Paw Power Auction
Sullivan says “let the bidding begin”


The Utah Paw Power auction is finally here!  The auction will run from Saturday, July 14th – Saturday August 4th.  Proceeds from the auction will go directly to helping UPP put on some fun events for dogs and their people such as our dry land race in October, a winter sled dog race, campouts, get togethers and more.  All of the available auction items are posted here, to place a bid or see the current bid status click on the button above each items picture.

Item Number One:

Hand Made Quilt Queen/King.

Bid Now
UPP Quilt
Beautiful hand made quilt. 6 weeks of work, with over 200 hours of sewing to make this work of art


Item Number Two:

4′ Leash with Grip Handle (two leashes are available).

Bid Now
Bid Now
Leash with padded handle
4′ leash with a bike grip, padded handle.


Item Number 3:

5′ Leash with Grip Handle.

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5' Leash with Mountain Bike Grip Handle
5′ Leash with Mountain Bike Grip Handle


Item Number 4:

Hand Made Wool Hat, White

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White Hat
Beautiful, hand knitted and felted, pure virgin wool hat


Item Number 5:

Hand Made Wool Hat, Brown

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Hand Made Wool Hat, Brown
Beautiful hand knitted and felted pure virgin wool hat


Item Number 6:

ManMat Standard Mushing Collar (6 collars).

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ManMat Mushing Collar
ManMat Standard Mushing Collar


Item Number 7:

Harness Board

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Harness Board
Hand Made Harness Board


Item Number 8:

Padded Message Board, Crown Print.

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Crown Message Board
Crown print message board, for you to leave your family a note that says “gone mushing”


Item Number 9:

Padded Message Board, Anchor Print

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Anchor Print Message Board
Anchor print message board, so you can leave your family a message that says “gone mushing”.


Item Number 10:

Pawsatch Adventure Package

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Pawsatch Adventure Package Gift Certificate
Go for a ride on a dog sled with the Pawsatch Adventure Package Gift Certificate


Item Number 11:

Sled Bag

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Sled Bag
Hand made sled bag, by Five Siberians Sewing.


Item Number 12:

4′ Red Webbing Leash

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Bid Now
Bid Now
Bid Now
Red Leash
4′ Red Webbing Leash, made by Five Siberians Sewing (4 leashes available)


Item Number 13:

Dog Booties, by Five Siberians Sewing, Pack of 24

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Dog Booties, by Five Siberians Sewing


Item Number 14:

ManMat Ball Cap and Patch

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Bid Now
Bid Now
Bid Now
Manmat Cap and Patch
Manmat Cap and Patch


Item Number 15:

ManMat X-Back, Light Weight Harness, Medium

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Bid Now
Bid Now
ManMat X-Back Light Weight Harness, Medium
ManMat X-Back Light Weight Harness, Medium (three available)


Item Number 16:

ManMat X-Back, Light Weight Harness, Large

Bid Now
Bid Now
Bid Now
ManMat X-Back Light Weight Harness, Large
ManMat X-Back Light Weight Harness, Large (three available)


For more photos on all of the items, please visit


If you have additional questions on the items, please feel free to email


Utah Paw Power Auction

Stay tuned for the start date of our UPP Auction.  We are auctioning off some amazing items, including mushing equipment and some beautiful hand made works of art to help raise money for the club to promote mushing events and get togethers.  Here are a couple of teasers to get you going.  We will announce the official start date soon and you will be able to bid on items by leaving a comment under the photo of the item here on



Hand knitted/felted 100 % pure virgin wool hats.

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive toys are great, and Nina Ottosson are the best!

Very Fun

Dogs are not only positively rewarded for playing with the toy, but it is entertaining for them and exercises their mental abilities as well.

Just make sure that your Siberian Husky does not mentally exercise her choice to decimate the top of the toy so that all of the food can be poured out at once 🙁

Utah Paw Power Club Meeting

There are a lot of people who have contacted me about mushing events and info in Utah. I think it is time to make UPP (Utah Paw Power) more of an official club so that we have the resources to promote more Utah mushing. We will set the meeting for March 24th (Saturday). We will determine time and location based on number of people who are interested in participating. The purpose of the meeting will be to unite people who are interested in actively participating in promoting more mushing (dry land, sled races, skijoring, weight pulling etc) events. Please email me if you are interested in attending

Shazam’s update from the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo

Utah Paw Power/ Arctic Rescue had a wonderful time yesterday at the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo.  We enjoyed the opportunity to help Ruff Wear demo and display their outstanding, new joring system.

Shazam had fun checking out the new gear.

Shazam liked the Ruff Wear booties

Shazam was also a great model for the new Ruff Wear Omnijore(TM) Joring System harness, Shazam was quoted as howling “Ruff Wear did a great job with the design of their new joring harness, it was comfortable for me to wear all day at the demo”.

Shazam did offer to sign “pawdographs” (as termed by one of his favorite people) in trade for some of the food they were sampling at the other booths.

Shazam offering to sign "pawdographs"

We really enjoyed meeting a few of the Ruff Wear pack and having the chance to try out some of their amazing gear.  Shazam is looking forward to getting his very own Omnijore(TM) Joring Harness and posting a full gear review in the next couple of weeks.

Shazam "hanging" with a few members of the Ruff Wear pack

Shazam modeling the new joring harness by Ruff Wear

IDidARace 2011 Race Results

Bikejor (2.0 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Neal Bowlen 10:20 11.61
2 Alex Banicki 13:00 9.23
3 Michelle Bowlen 13:04 9.18
4 Amy Hulse 13:05 9.17
5 Jessie Nelson 13:53 8.64
6 Mary Nelson 15:52 7.56
7 Keegan Christensen 30:00:00 4
Bikejor (3.7 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Racer Gibson 12:49 17.32
2 Becky Ferre 17:50 12.45
3 Heather Ferre 19:51 11.18
4 Heather Butler (1 dog) 21:04 10.54
5 Roberk Kirkwood 21:46 10.2
6 Erik Larsen 22:41 9.79
Scooter (2.0 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Jessica Breinholt 11:02 10.88
2 Brad Trammel 12:19 9.74
3 Deb Dixon 14:16 8.41
4 Buc Rogers 14:54 8.05
Canicross (2.0 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Nikki Trammel 27:02:00 4.44
2 Holly Rawluszki
3 Jody Jones
Junior Bikejor (2.0 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Zach B 22:13 5.4
Junior Cart (1.2 miles)
Place Name Time Ave Speed
1 Jake and Ava B 6:20 11.39
2 Krista E and Janet W 7:18 9.86


Dryland Dog Race, Park City Utah


Cart Class Added due to popular demand.

Registration closes at 9:30, race starts at 10:00 am


IDidaRace…to help save homeless pets

Downloadable IDidaRace Entry Form

October 22nd 2011

7:00AM Registration

7:45AM Race Start for Bikes 8:15AM for Scooters.

9:30AM Registration for Caniross (runners)

10:00AM Race Start for Canicross

Weight Pull TBD, updates will be provided.

Location:         Quinn’s Loops Trail, Park City Utah

Directions:           Round Valley, Round Valley Rd., Park City, UT.

From I-80 take Hwy 40 south towards Heber City. Exit 4, Kamas/ Park City towards PC. Take a right on Round Valley Rd, follow the signs.

From the south take Hwy 40 North from Heber City to Kamas/ Park City Exit 4 towards Park City. Take a right on Round Valley Rd, follow the signs.

Awards:          TBD

Contact: 801-318-0155

Rules:           Please be patient and courteous when passing or being passed.  All dogs must be kept on a leash, tug line, drop chain etc. during this event, both during the race and in parking area.  Please clean up after you’re dog in parking areas and when not racing.

The trail will be open to the public during this event and as such other people and their dogs (on and off leash) may be using the trail.  Each entrant is responsible for maintaining control over his or her dogs at all times (before, during and after) the event.  Each driver is 100% liable for the actions of their dogs. Please email or call if you have any questions.

Helmets required. Must use neckline for 2-dog (applies to all categories).  No motorized vehicles allowed on course.

Entry Class Miles Cost Notes
10:00AM Canicross 2.14 $25
8:15AM Scooter 3.45 $25
7:45AM Bikejor 3.45 $25

Send entry to:  Arctic Breed Rescue, 159 West 500 North, Provo UT 84601.  No penalty for day of registration.  Please do not mail entries after October 15th 2011