Utah Paw Power represents a serious group of mushers, trainers and dog fanciers who enjoy activities with their dogs including mushing, skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, obedience, conformation, packing and much more. Basically anything you can do with your dog! We promote positive training, positive experiences and responsible dog ownership. This is also a great place to post notification of local dog events. Novice to experienced members are welcome.

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  1. Question….

    When I bid on auction items…the amount I entered appeared completely different when listed! What is going on? Example…I entered a bid of $200 on the beautiful quilt. When listed, it says $187? Some of my bids were $5-$10 more than the last one placed, yet it listed at only $0.50 more then it?

    Yes, I used the decimal point. Yes, I listed the whole dollar/cent amount too.

    Just thought I’d ask…


  2. How can I learn to mush? Or more important – how can my 18 month old malamute get herself added to a team? She was born to pull!

    ANY help, suggestions, information, leads would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Have Mals, will travel!

    Thank you!!!


  3. Is there a musher in the Ogden area that would be willing to bring his sled and dogs to the Trapper Trails Council Boy Scout office in South Ogden and show the sled and dogs to a small group of 11 year Scouts. We would need to know very quickly is this would be possible. thank you.

  4. We live in Ogden, and our family has a husky breed that has never been a sled dog, but I know that he has potential given his tendency to pull, pull, pull! Unfortunately, my husband’s work is moving and we are going to be selling our house and potentially renting for a while down in SLC, so it is going to be hard to keep him. We have had him for seven years, and are very saddened by this. I am trying to find a resource for people who might want him as a potential sled dog trainee. Is there such a thing? Anyone here have any ideas/resources? Any help would be much appreciated.

  5. We would like to let all members and mushers know that we are a veterinary facility (Animal Health Options) in Park City, Utah that KNOWS sled dogs and mushing. Dr. Henneman is the only board-certified specialist in a 3-state area in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and is an experienced Iditarod trail veterinarian. Dr. Hadlock, also of Animal Health Options, is a Board-certified veterinarian specializing in cardiology and is also an experienced Iditarod veterinarian. Our practice specializes in the uses of integrative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Traditional Chinese herbs, nutrition, thermal imaging and rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation specialist, Anthony Woerner, is also a human PTA and is an experienced avalanche dog handler. We understand working dogs, especially the sled dog and are available to handle your working dog needs. Our phone number is 435-647-0807.

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