IDidaRace 2013 Results

IDidaRace…to help save homeless
November 2nd 2013
Race Results
Place Name Time
1st Deb Dixon 27:11:00
2nd Kel Scud 31:26:00
3rd Joyce Epperson 43:36:00
4th Kel Scud 47:56:00
1st Kel Scud 18:37:00
2nd Michelle Parenteau 23:25:00
3rd Heather Butler 24:00:00
4th Racer Gibson 25:28:00
Bikejor Junior
1st Abigail Mills 28:33:00
1st Doris Ramsperger 20:01:00
2nd Jordan Hillock 20:27:00
DNF (one lap) David Asay 11:13:00
Scooter Junior
1st Bodi Asay 28:32:00
1st Ed Steele 19:18:00
2nd John Thornburg 21:13:00
3rd Joe Hillock 24:30:00
4th Geoff and Siena 35:00:00
5th Archie Parenteau 35:37:00
6th Kristy Philippi 37:31:00
DNF (one lap) Tina Farnsworth 26:46:00
Canicross Junior
1st Clara Asay 35:57:00
1st Justin Desilets 21:23:00

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