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IDidARace…to help save homeless pets

October 27nd, 2012

7:00AM Registration

7:30AM Race Start for Bikes, 8:15AM for Scooters, 8:45AM Start for Carts.

9:30AM Registration for Caniross (runners) and 5K

10:00AM Race Start for Canicross and 5K

Location: Quinn’s Loops Trail, Park City Utah, Start behind the maintenance shed.

Directions: Round Valley, Round Valley Rd., Park City, UT. From I-80 take Hwy 40 south

towards Heber City. Exit 4, Kamas/ Park City towards PC. Take a right on

Round Valley Rd, follow the signs. From the south take Hwy 40 North from

Heber City to Kamas/ Park City Exit 4 towards Park City. (see map on and

Contact:,, 801-318-0155


Please be patient and courteous when passing or being passed. All dogs must

be kept on a leash, tug line, drop chain etc. during this event, both during the

race and in parking area. Please clean up after you’re dog in parking areas

and when not racing.

The trail will be open to the public during this event and as such other people

and their dogs (on and off leash) may be using the trail. Each entrant is

responsible for maintaining control over his or her dogs at all times (before,

during and after) the event. Each driver is 100% liable for the actions of their

dogs. Please email or call if you have any questions.

Helmets required. Must use neckline for 2-dog (applies to all categories). No

motorized vehicles allowed on course.

Entry Class Miles Cost Notes

7:30AM Bikejor 3.45 $25 2.14 mile option will also be available.

8:15AM Scooter 3.45 $25 2.14 mile option will also be available.

8:45AM Cart 3.45 $25 2.14 mile option will also be available.

10:00AM Canicross, 5K 5.5K $25